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Being Late

Early is On Time, On Time is Late, and Late is Unacceptable!  I never understood how on time could be late but lets take a look at lateness and how it affects you and others.  

We are joined in studio by the perfect guest for the subject of pets in restaurants.  April, joined by Schnauzer Maui, is a former dog trainer who now works in the restaurant industry "full time".  Danny and I discuss the mistakes pet owners make regarding restaurant patronage.

“one thing I think restaurants should advertise is that they are more pet friendly if they are, then if a person who absolutely hates to have a dog around doesn’t have to go there… “ - April Sick.

As a follow up to last weeks episode, we explore the flip side of the coin.  These are the concessions we make as servers.  If you aren't able to get past these potential barriers then it is surely time to get out of the business.  Producer Danny- "because there always those people in doesn't matter what their job was they're gonna complain."  

Being servers has its ups and downs and it goes without saying.  If you are a glass half full personality or you have never considered the benefits of being a server.  Here are my top 10 reasons for being a server. 

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Why? Why do guests say and do things that make you say hmmm?  Years in the service industry reveals these things that constantly puzzle servers.  "if every other other table is clean, and you sit at the only dirty table, we are already upset at you."

Raw Chef Carla

Very enlightening interview with the very talented raw vegan chef. @rawchefcarla
"My mission statement is to change the way the world eats." We discuss food, health and habits while laughing all the way.

“nothing that has been heated above 118º.  That is to preserve all the enzymes and nutrients of the food.  When you heat up (the food) you kill100% of the enzymes and you can kill up to 60% of protein and a lot of vitamins.”

Raw Chef Carla was kind enough to bring us an apple pie. Guests often bring food to the studio but this was the best thus far.

Servers are not shy when it comes to prejudging guests.  From the young to the old: black, white & Chinese we break down every ethnic group from the eyes of a server.  Good, bad and ugly nothing P.C. here but 100 percent fun.  "you should hear how servers talk about people.  They don't care.  They talk about black people around black waiters... they're not waiting till you leave the room..."

"Not all rude guests are angry and not all angry guests are rude."  This weeks episode outlines 5 tips for handling both rude and angry guests.  We dive into several reasons why this behavior may occur.  Keep your cool and be professional, if you can.

Not all service industry jobs are created equal.  There are some that plain ol' look like no fun. We discuss our experiences being grateful loving where we work and pointing out the aspects of some jobs that seem to outright suck. "...its bad enough he is ripping tickets, you don't have to demean him too."

In a absolute out of the box discussion about all things restaurants and food we invite Joe Callahan @bustabottlecap_ for a chat.  We get a blinding glimpse inside the mind of a man who decides to destroy the box.  A few clangs and technical mishaps aside we land the conversation safely after a side splitting detour.  "I told you what I did at Rainforest Cafe, imagine me as Mickey Mouse for a day in this heat."  Thank you Joe.  More to come...

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