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This weeks restaurant podcast vents the FAQs we have gotten over the years.  Freaking Asinine Questions.  The head scratching WTFs of it all.  I get it.  Maybe you are hungry.  Maybe you’re drunk; or, or, or maybe you should have thought before you spoke.  Producer Danny and I share and laugh at some ridiculous FAQs.

First Day

This weeks restaurant podcast turns the clock back to your first day on the restaurant job.  What do we remember about our first day.  Mine was over 24 years ago.  In my progression as a service professional, I look back with fond memories of what I did not know.

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest restaurant days on the calendar.  In this weeks restaurant podcast we explore the paradox of recognizing the potential to make money all the while knowing it is widely regarded as “amateur night”.  What can you expect from your dining experience on Valentine’s Day?  Give a listen while you brace yourself to work on this holiday.

Overserved is the theme of this weeks restaurant podcast.  We sell drinks to our guests but where do we draw the line.  When do we stop serving and cut someone off.  We discuss how to tell if someone has reached their drink limit.  We also share times when we were less than responsible with alcohol.

Closing Shift

Make sure you do your side work because it is my closing shift episode.  In this week's restaurant server podcast, we look at why closing shifts are a P.I.A.  Produce Danny of course, does not mind them.  I on the other hand...


Brunchtown can be a wonderful place.  Mimosas in the early afternoon, breakfast-lunch mash up.  It’s all deadly.  There are however some etiquette and practical guidelines to brunching successfully.  Don’t be that person.  In todays restaurant server podcast we look at the brunch buffet in particular.


Special thanks to our listener Ava Jane.  Her email in response to one of our shows inspired me to do a podcast show on generosity.  Restaurant servers are are no strangers to generosity in the craziest ways.  We may not be able to predict where generosity comes from but it is always fun to guess.

Large Parties

Talk about taking the good and the bad.  Large parties are boom or bust.  We navigate what those pitfalls are in this weeks restaurant podcast.  We also reminisce about the good and bad parties we had once upon a time.

This week's episode “In The Kitchen”, is the first in a series we created for season two.  The series will feature interesting people in their element with the food driving the conversation and the kitchen the backdrop.  In The Kitchen features Mateo Rodrigues, part nut, part chef, all heart.  Mateo was kind enough to come in and cook for us and share his love for food.  His challenge was to work in a kitchen foreign to him while answering interview questions.  Our challenge was to get out of the studio and capture a visual, olfactory and gustatory senses.  I posted a few photos to help with the challenge. A few technical issues aside I am proud of our first iteration of the series.  


I admit it.  I am a bit of a grinch.  That won't get in the way of today's Christmas episode of The Modern Waiter Podcast.  Producer Danny, as usual, brings some balance to the force.  Fun as always.  Unwrap with no effs given.

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